Zoey is in her 20th year of tattooing. She started out in a high volume shop and found her way into her true calling – custom work, after making her way to working with the old school tattooers she idolized in her youth. She is known for her loud color and extreme detail work which has won her many awards over the years.

She opened the original Heart n Soul with everything she had – turned the key with ten bucks and a dream. After conventioning, bike rallies, and guest spots all over the country  she has settled into a rhythm of traveling between the two shops. Zoey works by appointment only at both locations. Consultations can be done in person or through email. All appointments require a non refundable deposit.



Jake began his piercing career nearly 17 years ago in Auburn California. We put him through a traditional apprenticeship so he understands this industry – maintains the pride and dedication it takes to truly be a skin artist. After completing his education by way of the Fakir teachings he has gone on to Master Piercer level. Jake runs the Yuba City shop on a daily basis- his commitment to that shop and to his clients means he is there almost every single day. He is known for his knowledge of both piercing and aftercare follow through.


He will walk you through every step of your piercing and continue to help you thru the healing process. The most common feed back we get about Jake is that he makes sure you know you are more important than just the money you spend with him. Because his schedule fluctuates and he is very busy please give the shop a call when you are wanting to come in so he can accommodate you.



Chris has been conquering the tattoo world for 21 years now. He started out running with legends like Tony Olivas and Paul Booth,  all these years later he stands with them a legend in his own right. After conventioning, working shops all over the country Chris has found his way home to Nothern California- He joined us several years ago bringing his gift of portraits to our shop. Chris’ realism tattooing is some of the best you will find; his ability to bring the skin to life through his artwork is untouchable. Chris can be found in many publications over the years and he has won several awards for his work. You can find him at the shop Tues- Sat. While you will need consultations and appointments for large custom pieces he does have time for walk ins as well. Chris does travel to the Texas location a Appointments require a non refundable deposit.